Foundation is autobiographical in many ways. It is a project about my home, about its presence and physicality, about its emotional and instinctive value, about the connotations of regarding a certain physical space ‘home’.

Foundation comprises a series of drawings, sculptures, projections, engravings.


2007, mixed media sculpture, plinth and perspex box, 170 x 65 x 35 cm

The sculpture is made out of mud, concrete, hair, wax and dirt. It has been buried, burnt, thrown on the floor, covered in acid. But it is still my home. Its architectural case and plinth are a reminder of my life as architect, in which shiny and fragile models of contemporary buildings are presented on plinths and acrylic cases in a similar way.

Home is where I left you
2007, print on paper, 29 x 14.8 cm

Home is where I left you, is a card. It is also an invitation to reconstruct my home, by cutting and gluing the outline of my flat so that, properly folded, it becomes a small model to scale of the actual dwelling. With this gesture I was seeking to invite with the viewer into my world in an intimate but also playful and engaging way.

2007, single slide projection, dimensions variable

Drawings and engravings
2007, dimensions variable